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All the Reasons Why Online Affiliate Marketing is a Great Opportunity to Make Extra Cash

Online affiliate marketing is a revenue-sharing arrangement between a website owner and an online merchant. The website owner markets a merchant’s products or service on their website to generate traffic for the merchant’s site. When purchases are made, the affiliate marketer gets a share of the merchant’s profits.

An online affiliate marketer can make money in three ways; when potential clients leave their websites by clicking on the link directing them to the merchant’s site, when website visitors from the affiliate’s website take action on the merchant’s website, and when a sale is made as a result of advertising on the affiliate’s website. the following are reasons why many people are endorsing online affiliate marketing:

1. Online affiliate marketing involves taking advantage of your audience base on various platforms on the Internet. The only thing …

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Facts On Iran Supporting Terror

Terrorism is one of the vices that is bringing the world to its knees, literally. Every now and then we get news of terror attacks and hope this will come to an end somehow but the end is always elusive. Since it’s revolution in 1979, the Iranian government has had accusations of condoning terrorism leveled at it by different factions of the international community. Iran is said to be funding, training, giving sanctuary to terrorists and providing weapons and equipment.

Most terror groups find refuge in this Islamic state mostly because of this one fact. Terror groups and are housed in Iran and are very comfortable planning and executing terror acts from here and no matter how the top leaders of the world try to dissuade Iran from doing this, efforts have been quite fruitless. It is now common knowledge that Iran is supporting terror …